Every vision starts with a story. We help uncover and shape the stories that bring your vision to life. We apply critical insight to make sure your story resonates with your audience and achieves the desired response.

Bongani Gosa

Founder – CEO


Managing Director


PR Practitioner and Lead Content Writer.


Account manager

Under Bongani’s leadership, BWD has been a sterling example of the extraordinary kind of growth that can be accomplished – through smart PR. Apart from enjoying significant media exposure – the company boasts numerous exceptional achievements for a business of its size.

Lesedi has that rare combination of a creative at heart – and the ability to think on his feet. This is what most likely led to him climbing the corporate ladder – at a very young age – and at lightning speed. His strategic approach, inspirational leadership style and contagious enthusiasm – make him the perfect director for BWD.

Astute PR strategist meets gifted wordsmith. Marion has more than 15 years of solid experience of developing and executing successful PR campaigns – as well as writing the content to support it.

A super talented all-rounder who is full of energy. Patience sums up Malebo,she takes her time to understand clients and always goes an extra mile to ensure those around her personal or business are happy.